Recruitment Funnel Setup

How do I create a funnel?


1. Go to “Funnels” by clicking the Funnel icon in the left menu on your Sourcie account page.

2. Once you have clicked on Funnels, click “Create new funnel”.

3. You will see the Overview for your funnel and be required to fill out some basic information. You will be required to name your funnel, choose the job it is for and choose the language of funnel.

4. Write a short Job Description. Don’t forget to add crucial 3 information about position, like responsibilities, necessary
skills, assets and fees.

5. Finally, provide a Success and Failure destination. If a candidate fits all the requirements you have laid out in your funnel, then they will be sent to the success destination: this destination is usually a signup page. However, if candidates do not fit your criteria, then they will be sent to the failure destination: an example destination could be a link to your career site or an FAQ page.

If you are not sure, what link you would like for the destinations, you can put in any link for the time being and change it later.

What types of steps can I add to the funnel?


Registration Step
Build your registration form and integrate with your app easily by using Zapier. Here you can ask candidates about Personal Data that is necessary to create an account on your app or necessary in the recruitment process. Read more about Registration Step.

Power Filter
Include a questionnaire so you can screen potential workers with simple Yes/No questions. With this step, you can pre-filter your candidates and only receive the candidates that match your requirements. Read more about Power Filter.

ID check
Sourcie will check the ID of the candidates. At this step, once a candidate’s ID is approved, the candidate will get an email and be able to continue the application process. Read more about ID Verification process.

Thank You Page
This page is always the last step for your recruitment funnel. You can customize messages that will be shown to successful applicants at the end of your funnel, but please note that you cannot remove this step.

How do I add the step?


1. Now that you have created the funnel, we can add the first step to the funnel.
To do this, click the “Add step” button. The "Thank You" page will be already there as this is a mandatory step.

2. Once you have done this, a pop-up will appear. You can choose what step you want to add to the funnel: these include Registration, Power Filter, ID Check and Thank You Page.

How do I customize and edit the steps of the funnel?


Registration form

Once you add the Registration Step to your funnel, you can begin to customize it.
To do this, click on ”Step Configuration” button.

Please note that when you set this up, the email address field is added as a default as it is always required - there is no possibility to change this.

To add another field, click “Add new field”.

The following pop-up will appear. You can choose what type of information you are looking for from the drop down list.

Once you have chosen the desired fields, you can choose if a field is required for the candidate to fill out and if you want the field visible to the applicant (by moving the status bar).

Once you have added all the fields you want in the filter, click SAVE at the bottom.

Power Filter

As a default, there is one question already in place. You can add more questions by clicking "Add a new question".
Write your question and then select the correct response as well as write out information for the Correct Answer.

Why do we need this information? If the applicant answers incorrectly, we have to inform the candidate why their answer was incorrect. By adding a text about the correct answers, we can show the candidate a well-informed message.

If you later decide that you don’t want to use a question that you had added, you can hide it by switching the Status toggle.

Once you have all your questions in place, click the SAVE button on the bottom of the page.

ID Verification

In the ID Verification step, you don't have to do anything other than add the step. Once a candidate will reach this step, Sourcie will take care of the process.

The verification is handled by Passbase, they will run the Verification process and communicate results to the candidate. Check how the process looks like.

If an applicant doesn’t pass the verification, we will inform the candidate and they won’t be able to continue the application process.

Thank You Page (Final Step)

At this step, we will inform the successful candidates that they have made it through the funnel, and we will redirect these applicants to the URL you selected as the Success destination.
You can customize the message that the applicant will see on the Thank You Page.

How do I get a link to the funnel?


There are two ways to access the link to your funnel:

1. To access your funnel, click Funnels on the left-hand side. Click on the Copy Link button in the desieried funnel.
The link for your funnel should appear: you can copy the link by clicking on the Clipboard icon.

2. You can get the links from inside the specific funnel. Click on the Copy Link button at the top of the page. The link for your funnel should appear: you can copy the link by clicking on the Clipboard icon.

How do I edit my funnel?


If you want to edit any of the steps in your funnel, click on Funnels in the left menu.
You will see a list of all your funnels appear, click on the funnel you want to edit in order to see the steps in that funnel. Alternatively you can click on the “Funnel Steps” button.

Rearranging the steps

You can change the order of the steps by dragging and dropping the step in the desired place

Deleting the funnel

You can delete a funnel by clicking on the Settings icon in the right top corner of the funnel. Then you will see a drop down menu which gives you the option to delete the funnel.

Editing the content of the step

Click on the Step Configuration button or click on the step you would like to edit.

Deleting the step

There is no option to delete a step. However, you can change hide a question from the funnel by sliding the Status bar.