Why choose Sourcie ID Verification?

Sourcie and Passbase have combined forces to create an ID verification solution designed to increase conversion rates and ensure a seamless user experience throughout the application process.

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Avoid identity fraud and confirm your users are real people with our seamless experience

ID verification

Are You Human?

Sourcie ID Verification ensures that the person signing up for the job is a real life human being. By requiring applicants to take a variety of pictures, you can verify that they’re not just a static photo.


ID Legitimation

Now you can verify over 6000 different identification document types by cross-checking against Sourcie’s database.

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Age Verification

Through our partnership with Passbase, Sourcie allows you to verify applicant age and set age restrictions that filter out the candidates who don’t meet your custom requirements.


AML Compliance

Sourcie ID Verification comes complete with AML, PEPs and Adverse Media Screening so you can be sure you’re covered while filtering through applicants to find those that meet your requirements.

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Re-Authentication for Faster Onboarding

Returning applicants can take a quick selfie to get previous ID check photo. The user doesn’t require a password, so the process from applying to onboarding becomes seamless!


How can ID verification help in your industry?

Ride Sharing

Help legitimate drivers get to work more quickly. Check to make sure drivers licences are valid and belong to the applicant.

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Ensure the people taking care of others are actually people. Check their ID against their photo to make sure that those who are working through your platform are legitimate.

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Baby sitting

When parents leave their children with a sitter, they want to know that the person taking care of them is verified. When recruiting babysitters, you can put parent minds at rest by ensuring that each babysitter is ID checked.

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People’s homes are their pride and joy: so ensuring the person they hire doesn’t have a criminal record is important. Many companies recruiting cleaners want to check that the right people are on the job. By implementing ID verification you’ll get peace of mind.

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How does Sourcie ID Verification work?

Wondering about the user experience? Here’s what it’s like:
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Step One: Start the verification process

Users take a selfie and picture of their ID

Step Two: Ensure the user meets the requirements

Users are presented with a checklist of items they’ll need in order to be verified and must agree to the privacy policy and terms & conditions before they can begin the process. 


Step Three: Enter your email address

Applicants enter their email address so they can monitor and control who has access to their data.

Step Four: Take a selfie

In order to ensure that this is the same person as the beginning of the process, users are asked to record a real-time selfie. Selfies are cross-checked against the identification document they provided earlier in the process.
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The process is complete

The user is informed that the verification is underway and that they will be notified upon completion of the process.

“We have been working with Sourcie for a few months now and I’m glad to say that we have had an excellent experience with the company. Sourcie has helped deliver quality leads and great conversion rates in a very short frame of time. (...)"

Zain Kahn, Growth and Performance Marketing, CareGuide

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