Sourcie provides a solution that connects job seekers and new employers in the gig economy

We are here to support the transition and make the gig economy a better economic opportunity across the globe.

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About Sourcie

Sourcie is a flexible worker recruitment platform that has been built with the needs of partners in mind. From sourcing to measuring your campaigns, Sourcie helps at each step of the way. Our recruitment services include the addition of a Power Filter (to help filter out candidates based on the perfect profile) and ID verification (hire the right people) as well as a dedicated campaign manager to help your campaign succeed!

Gig Economy Evolution


Over the past 10 years, the gig economy has become more prevalent. Starting with companies such as Uber and Airbnb, and now expanding into other sectors with over 10,000 companies operating in the gig economy. Whether it’s creating new streams of income or pursuing a passion, the gig economy has allowed people to take control of their work and take more control.

Projected gross volume of the gig economy from 2018 to 2023 (in billion U.S. dollars)                        

What do we do?

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Our partners use Sourcie to source and manage freelance workers. Sourcie provides a solution to the time-consuming issue of supply acquisition. We believe employment platforms are not equipped to face the growing freelance and gig work market. As a result, companies like Lyft, Doordash, and TaskRabbit are struggling to find and manage flexible workers. This is where we come into play, as we specialise in part-time, student, and gig work, we supply a viable asset to fill the gap that has been left by the current recruitment market.


Following the creation of apps to consume products on-demand, a shift is occurring in the way the think about work as well. A new wave of apps and marketplaces allows workers around the globe to detach themselves from the traditional workplace and decide when and where to earn money. People can also work on-demand.


Our mission

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Appjobs is enabling the transition to the future of work by taking the Network Orchestrator role, connecting all the players in the ecosystem. In the future of work we are each gig-worker’s digital companion and the gig-industry’s global HR-partner by effectively matching the two in every step of the gig-worker journey.

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We began operating in 2017 and now run a global operation. We still remain committed to the values that got us to where we are today. From being able to adapt to the ever changing market and placing individuals over processes. Our partner teams worth with an agile approach to bring the most value to partners.

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Our data comes from the Future of Work Institute (FoW Institute). They draw on’s unique proprietary data and market analysis to analyse and develop insight into the gig-economy and future of work.

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