Pool of on-demand workers for your Temp Agency

Get temporary workers that meet your requirements quickly. Temp Agencies use Sourcie’s temp acquisition platform to get better performing temp workers
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Fixed Fee for each candidate

Most top job boards charge at least $250 for a job post, and there’s no certainty that you will get suitable candidates. With Sourcie, you can save hundreds of dollars and get a candidate that matches your requirements.
  • Starts at $5 per candidate
Our pay per candidate model ensures you get great results at only a fraction of what you would spend elsewhere.

    You decide what you want and get that

    Sourcie uses a done-for-you model for Temp Agencies. You don’t have to do anything but tell us what your requirements are, and we would set up a recruitment funnel to ensure you get candidates.
    • Efficient tools and campaigns
    We use tools that include a Power Filter, ID verification system, promoted listings, and more to screen and move only the suitable candidates to your Sourcie dashboard.

      We work globally

      We help startups hire flex workers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
      Temps in USA & Canada
      Get temporary workers in the USA and Canada with Sourcie. We have access to an extensive network of temps and temps-to-hire in Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Quebec and other cities.
      Temps in Europe
      Hire temporary workers in cities in Europe. Sourcie has helped several temp agencies source temps in several countries in Europe, including Spain, the UK, France, Poland, and Sweden
      Temps in Australia
      Get access to temporary workers in Australia. Sourcie can help you promote your temp work, pre-vet and verify candidates in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and other cities.
      Register to get temp workers from almost any city in the world

      Save time

      Don’t waste time looking through social media for candidates that fit or scouring through spreadsheets of people that you’re not even sure are available. Sourcie provides ready-to-work candidates that match the job requirements.

        A partner in vetting temps and temps-to-hire

        Sourcie helps temp agencies eliminate identity fraud and saves time and money on unqualified candidates. We can screen and verify any candidate with our innovative tools before sending them to you.

          Based on our campaign performance when compared to other acquisition channels, people who applied from Appjobs tend to have:

          Longer Lifetime Value
          The temp workers we source for temp agencies tend to be retained by the temp agencies for a long time. So you get consistent & efficient output. We feature a high retain rate of 39% longer than our competitors
          Better Conversion Rate
          With Sourcie, Temp agencies that are looking to match their clients with candidates get candidates in their targeted locations as they need. Our conversion rate is 27% higher than the industry average.
          Better Worker Performance
          Want temporary staff that produce results for your clients? Think Sourcie. Sourcing efficient temp workers is a priority. The average task performed monthly is 31% higher from our sourced workers.

          Efficient tools to transform the way your temp agency recruits

          Data Integration

          We understand that you already have your process. Sourcie is flexible. You can sync your campaign to a tracking solution through Zapier, integrate your bidding XML feeds, use API or any other kind of integrations

            Power Filter

            Are there questions that applicants must answer correctly or experience they must have to qualify to be a temp for your client? Our Power Filter can help differentiate those that fit from other applicants.
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              ID Verification

              Sourcie’s ID Verification system prevents identity fraud and confirms that your applicants have the required documents. Want to hire drivers? We can confirm that they have a valid license. Need to check for a government-issued ID? We can do that too.
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