Read our Customers Case Studies and See how we have helped them

Sourcie has managed to help over 182 companies find flexible workers in 771 cities globally. Our partners and the relationships we have built with them are a major contributing factor to our success: read some of our partner case studies below to see how we have helped them with their acquisition needs.

Bike Courier

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How TaskRabbit grew its lead volume of taskers by 135 % and lower their cost per registered member by 92% using the Sourcie platform

TaskRabbit has been partnering with us for their acquisition needs. We managed to increase the number of candidates in their delivery category

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How Glovo increased the number of candidates in European Cities by 104% using our acquisition tools

Thanks to the methods employed by our partner managers and the tools we have to offer, we increased the number of candidates they were getting.

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How Toluna increased their traffic using Sourcie

Toluna used Sourcie to improve their acquisition rate and acquire new users across the US while building brand awareness amongst the gig-workers community.

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How Join Papa optimize their acquisition costs and improved the number of leads using Sourcie

Join Papa used Sourcie to optimize their acquisition cost and attracted the right profile of Appjobs applicants.

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