How TaskRabbit grew its lead volume of taskers by 135 % and lower their cost per registered member by 92% using the Sourcie platform

About Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit is a task management network that connects the public with taskers: help around the home at your fingertips. Taskers are able to help with many household tasks such as furniture assembly, moving services, handyman jobs and much more.

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The Challenge

To keep up with the growing demand for their services, TaskRabbit launched in new European countries as a part of the European Strategy for Rapidly Growing Task Management Network. They recruited the assistance of the specialists at the Sourcie who have helped TaskRabbit with launching new cities and acquiring new clients in current cities in the European Union and building brand awareness amongst the gig-workers community.

Features Used

  • Campiagn Manager

  • Job Offer Booster

What has Task Rabbit accomplished with Sourcie?

  • Decrease in the costs per registered member (CPRM) by around 92%

  • Increase in brand awareness by 91%

  • Increased conversion rate by 55%