Simplify and shorten your funnel

Sourcie Candidate Registration can help ensure you get the right candidates for the job. Simplify and shorten your acquisition funnel, speed up the recruitment process and increase your conversions with Candidate Registration forms.

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How does Sourcie Candidate Registration work?

When an applicant applies for a job, get a pre-filled out form from the applicant based on their Appjobs account.
Candidates will fill out any missing information and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
The application data is sent to the endpoint on your server and a profile is made for the candidate.

Why should I use the Sourcie Candidate registration?

Sourcie registration form

Candidate Registration

Collect the most important data about candidates, match it with questionnaires, and get only qualified leads.


Easy API Integration

Automate the flow of data across your platform with clicks-or-code. Get more gig workers, faster.

Sourcie API Integration

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