Who is the Average Appjobber?

Beth Furness
December 9, 2020

Some insights on who the AppJobs target audience is!

Some insights on who the AppJobs target audience is!

AppJobs is the platform where people from all over the world can easily and quickly find and apply for gig work, without CVs, long recruitment processes or interviews. Flexibility and freedom are keywords when it comes to work via AppJobs and most of the site’s visitors are people looking for flexible opportunities they can do as independent workers, via their smartphones, without a boss over their head.

But who exactly are the people who are browsing our website for jobs and what are they interested in? Let’s take a look at some valuable data that can paint a clearer picture of the gig-worker persona.

1. Age

Most users on AppJobs are between 19 and 25 years old. To be more exact, around 35% of all users are at this age range, followed by users between 26 to 30 y.o., who comprise 22% of the total AppJobs users, while users between 31 to 35 y.o. are 14% of the total visitors.

These numbers make sense, if we take into consideration that younger people are digital natives and more familiar with technology. They are not afraid of it and they know their way around smartphones and applications - in fact they use apps for almost anything, so why not for work as well?

Moreover, younger people, still studying or travelling and exploring the world or their own selves, may choose the flexible working platforms available on AppJobs to make some extra money with part time gigs on the go, wherever they might be around the globe. They might even use the platforms to build experience or a portfolio in the field they are studying, so they have a competitive advantage when they finish with their studies.

2. Gender

Men and women are almost equally interested in AppJobs, with men being around 52% and women 48% of the total users. With job opportunities spanning from IT, marketing, writing, law, and finance to cleaning, driving, caregiving, home cooking or local guiding, AppJobs is a place where everyone can find the right kind of job, according to their needs, skills and talents.

3. Language

English is by far the dominant language AppJobbers use. This reflects the big English-speaking gig-economy markets like the USA, Canada and the UK but also the fact that many expats and international students choose AppJobs to find an easy way to make money to support themselves until they integrate into local societies or finish their studies. Spanish and Portuguese follow English, which indicates a growing interest in the gig economy in Latin America.

4. Favourite job categories

The most searched for job categories on AppJobs are the following:

1. Delivery

2. Freelance

3. Cleaning

4. Pet sitting

5. Driving

AppJobs’ data shows that delivery is the unicorn of the gig economy. And why not? It is easy, flexible and can be done even with a bicycle, something anyone can easily acquire. Nevertheless, other job opportunities are also popular on AppJobs. Apart from Cleaning, Pet sitting and Driving jobs, that are equally simple tasks, users search a lot for Freelance gigs. It seems that more and more people are looking for jobs that provide them freedom and flexibility. This is a strong indication that people increasingly prefer independent work that leaves more room for a better work-life balance and that the gig economy will grow in numbers as time goes by.

Stay tuned for more useful insights about who gig workers are. We have more data and information to share with you that can help you understand our and your audience better. And don’t hesitate to let us know if you are interested in more specific info via our newly released AppJobs GAP!

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