The best job boards for recruiting top candidates

Beth Furness
December 9, 2020

Choosing a job board and working out how to market the openings your company has for flex staffing can be difficult. There is a sea of different job boards and recruitment tools, it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, here are some tips and recommendations from Sourcie.

When deciding on a job board, there are many common traps that you should be aware of: the best job boards aren’t necessarily the most popular. Depending on the industry or sector you operate in, there are different job boards to suit your needs: just because one is newer doesn’t mean it is less effective for recruitment. It is important to choose wisely as it can affect not only the number of candidates you have but also the quality of applicants.

To help you out, here is a list including some of the best job boards to use when looking for new recruits

1. Indeed

Classic, but nevertheless a great job board to use. Indeed has a simple layout and makes cross-continent recruitment easy. A platform that many have heard of or used before, but they are also one of the best platforms to use for finding great candidates for your open positions.

2. Zip Recruiter

A way to recruit based on your zip code. Spanning across the UK and US, this company has been rapidly growing since 2010 and currently reaches over 120 million potential employees. The main foundations of the company were to help smaller businesses to distribute job postings in an affordable way. However, whether your business is big or small, they are a brilliant place to post available jobs.

3. LinkedIn

Again, another potentially obvious choice, but a popular one. Including many useful features such as the ability to add attach it to your full company profile as well as the option to “Quick Apply”. LinkedIn is a great treasure for companies when it comes to recruiting new talent. LinkedIn is the perfect fit if you are looking for specialists or experts within a particular field and mainly tailored to looking for highly educated employees for managerial roles. LinkedIn is tailored to the traditional white-collar workplace and is a great way to get connected to potential new opportunities.

4. AppCast

While AppCast isn’t a job board, they are a company worth mentioning for assisting you with the recruitment process. AppCast is an independent company with the aim of revolutionising the world of recruitment advertising. Created by a team of recruitment experts and tech experts, they have created software that can help you to improve your recruitment outcomes. While this tool is great if you are familiar with digital advertising, programmatic, and analysis, it can be quite a challenge to use if you have never used tools of this sort before.

5. Facebook

A potentially unconventional way of recruiting, Facebook is a great tool to use due to it’s read. Using a simple description and an eyecatching image, Facebook provides a great new tool to find great new candidates for your company. Posting job listings on Facebook, however, is a pretty new feature that is still under construction: meaning that it may not be available in every country as of yet.

6. Recruitment Media Agency

While most of these job boards focus on full time and traditional jobs, Sourcie provides a new solution to advertise your job openings for flexible jobs and gig work. Sourcie automates the recruitment process: from managing your budget to adding your job offerings to multiple locations globally and filtering potential candidates. The team of experienced digital marketers will manage your recruitment campaigns through all of channels and Digital Ecosystem. See how it works:

If you are looking to scale up your business, improve your flex worker recruitment or simply want to learn more contact Sourcie Team: with a crack team of digital marketers, they will happily answer any of your queries.

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