Tactics for Successful High Volume Recruiting

Beth Furness
April 2, 2021

Looking to hire top talent at scale? Read our top tips for high-volume recruiting and how you can make for a smooth recruitment process even when your company is hiring in volume.


Difficulties of hiring top talent at scale

Hiring in general can be a challenge and an overwhelming challenge. However, when you take on the challenge of mass recruitment, it comes with its own set of issues. One of the most notable challenges is ensuring that all the candidates are fully qualified and are the right fit for the job as well as get high traffic to your listings. 

How can you make High Volume Recruiting easier?


1. Make your listings stand out 

When you are looking for a high volume of talent, you need to stand out from the crowd. With the majority of the global population who are of working age, there are plenty of opportunities for companies to hire the workers they need. Create a job listing that is of high value and shows your company in the best possible light. You can find some of our top tips for writing the perfect job offer here.

2. Take advantage of AI recruiting tools

Make the most of AI in the recruitment process. The advancement of technology is a pivotal tool to help recruit not only in high volume, but also in multiple regions across the globe. Some of the top ways you can encourage quality candidates to take up jobs with your company include creating chatbots to interact with candidates and answer their questions about your listings or including features to streamline the application process such as an ID verification tool. 


3. Do your research

From market research to understand competitors to understanding the ideal candidate, these are essential for successfully hiring in volume. Understand the terms candidates are searching for and compare the quality of your listings with other partners in the same industry: see what you can do to make your listing different and take tips from others. You could also include a feedback questionnaire for applicants so that you can tailor your listings to their needs. 


4. Understand your target audience

To get candidates with the right qualifications, it is important you understand what these applicants are looking for. When creating job listings, by keeping an eye on what your candidates are looking for and what makes them apply. As mentioned in the point before, if you do your research and understand your ideal candidate, then the perfect candidates will repsond to your listing. 


5. Invest in tracking for your listings

Take care of all your campaigns and track their status. Are you getting the traffic you want? How many leads are converting? It is important to review how your campaigns are doing regularly in order to keep your listing on top. Keep track of your listings and invest in analytical tools to improve the process of high volume recruiting.


6. Cast your net wide

Ensure that your listing is in as many places as possible based on your audience for hiring velocity. If you have multiple offerings, then divide the listings up by category (for example, one listing for cleaners and another for electricians). By creating specific listings, you ensure you get the right talent on the job. Post these listings on as many platforms as possible. You can keep track of your campaigns using a Campaign Management tool such as the one available on the Sourcie platform.


If you are looking for new tools for your high volume recruitment process, consider trying Sourcie’s Campaign Manager and other tools. To find out more or to arrange a demo, contact partnerships@sourcie.io


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