On-Demand Staffing: What Is It, and How Can It Help My Business?

Sean Dougherty
December 4, 2020

Discover how acquisition platforms and on-demand staffing platforms can take your recruitment to the next level.

On-demand staffing has grown in popularity over the last several years, aided in large part by the explosive growth of the global gig economy. This has left many business owners to ask what exactly it is, and how can it help their own bottom line. 

While it may feel like a new labor acquisition fad, on-demand staffing goes back decades - if not hundreds of years. Particularly for the hospitality and retail industries, on-demand staffing solutions are a normal way of life for successful businesses. Take for instance, the case of a cashier who leaves a message for their manager that they won’t be able to make it to their shift that starts in a matter of hours. That manager must quickly access a stand-by labor pool to fill the staffing need. 

In businesses like retail stores and hotels, these continent labor pools were made up of hourly workers with permanent payroll status. 

However, gig economy companies like Uber evolved this staffing solution. In fact, they essentially built on-demand staffing platforms that provide a labor force to instantly meet customer demand for services. In the case of Uber, consumers seeking a taxi-like service access the platform to fulfil their need for a driver. 

More recently, an entire category of new businesses has emerged to evolve this model further. On-demand staffing platforms like UpShift, Thumbtack and 99 Designs (among many others), provide instantly available talent to businesses anywhere. Typically, these staffing platforms cater to freelance designers and creatives at low cost, or to roles requiring low-skill labor. For instance, hourly hospitality staff, housekeepers, errand runners, etc. 

That isn’t to say that there aren’t similar solutions for white collar sectors. As human resources teams seek to streamline and improve their staffing pipelines, a growing set of acquisition platforms have sprung up to meet these needs. Acquisition platforms allow HR professionals to automate their workflows including sourcing talent, screening, interviewing, onboarding and more. 

Solutions like these can be a godsend for small and large organisations. For example, the Chief People Officer at a fast-growing startup may be stretched thin with all of the staffing requirements the business may be finding in its growth phases. Plus, as a new company, it's surprisingly common for these HR chiefs to rely on spreadsheets as a way to keep their staffing and recruitment processes somewhat organised. They need a better tool to help them maintain a more proactive, rather than reactive, working style. 

Conversely, recruiters at multinational companies have complex workflows that involve loads of different stakeholders. They are often recruiting for many different roles simultaneously, while also trying to ensure a consistent onboarding process for new talent, which creates positive employee experiences. With so many demands, they require a tool to streamline and predict their needs. 

In both of these cases, acquisition platforms like Greenhouse, Fetcher and Beamery, among others, can be a huge help to solving a variety of challenges that on-demand staffing needs can present. 

What if you’re looking for a singular platform that can serve your business as an acquisition platform, as well as a tool to validate that talent?

Look no further than Sourcie by Appjobs. 

Sourcie was designed as a gig worker hiring platform, built for the future of work by reducing the costs of the hiring process. It also provides access to the largest community of active gig workers, while managing all of your recruitment campaigns in one place. 

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