How to increase brand awareness among workers?

Beth Furness
December 9, 2020

With the gig economy ever-expanding, it is vital for your company to be memorable and recognisable so it doesn’t get lost in the sea of different companies all wanting in on a piece of the action. So, how do you increase brand awareness among flex workers? Here are some simple ways to improve your brand awareness thanks to the Sourcie.

1. Know your demographics

The best way to improve your brand is to know who is receptive to your offerings and who you aim to target. If you do your research about the people that are using or interacting with your brand, then you will no the best ways to interact and engage with them. Learning about your audience can help you understand the way they think: use the Sourcie to help gain some of these valuable insights.

2. Have a solid marketing strategy

Getting someone to join your platform is the easier part, retention is a whole new ball game. Make yourself present in many places: social media and newsletters are a great way to make yourself visible and memorable. Engage with your audience, show a human side and you’ll make yourself memorable. The market is evergrowing, understand your competitors and find new ways to develop.

3. Track the trends

Using tools like Google Analytics and other tools to track all the statistics and underlying trends in your sector are one of the greatest ways to improve your brand awareness among gig workers. Keeping up with what is popular and important to your audience improves engagement and retention.

4. Spread the net

This goes hand in hand with having a good marketing strategy. By casting your net wider, increasing the number of job offerings you have or optimising, you create a stronger presence and become more noticeable among gig workers. Rather than just having one job offer that encompasses multiple sectors, create multiple offerings that cover the multiple offerings available. For example, rather than just listing “home help”, you could break it down into cleaning, housesitting, grocery shopper or other services that are under this offer.

Using a platform like Sourcie allows you to do all of this from one location. Providing services such as email marketing, social media contact and informational videos, the Sourcie helps improve brand awareness using multiple methods all from one place with minimal effort.

While it is possible for you to do these all individually as a company, Sourcie allows you to really understand and target gig workers, from algorithms and extensive insights. At every stage, you can check your Brand Strength and compare it to your competitors.

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