How Do I Pick the Right Campaign Manager?

Beth Furness
December 9, 2020

Creating a good recruitment campaign is vital to the success of your company and your reputation in the gig economy. It has been found that 88% of B2B marketers agree that the campaign determines the credibility and trustworthiness of the business. 

Creating a good recruitment campaign is vital to the success of your company and your reputation in the gig economy. It has been found that 88% of B2B marketers agree that the campaign determines the credibility and trustworthiness of the business. 

Choosing from the available recruitment campaign managers on the market can be a challenge: how do I know which campaign manager is best for our company needs? How does the bidding work? How do I target the right people and places? We want to make comparing the different recruitment campaign managers options easy, so you can to help you focus on the work that matters most. In our review, we will compare Sourcie Campaign Manager and Google Ads to provide two different, top of the range campaign managers to help you make a decision. 

It can be hard to determine which campaign manager best fits your business model and what your goals with your campaign. Here is a short summary of the key features of GoogleAds side by side with Sourcie. 

How do I pick the right campaign manager for my business?


GoogleAds is one of the largest, most well-known campaign management platforms out there. With each campaign, you choose the start and end date when entering the data. In addition, it gives the option to change the budget for your campaign on a daily basis: this can be beneficial if your business is relatively new or in a turbulent market. However, the campaign content and copies of ads you will need to create yourself.  


The Sourcie campaign manager has the benefit of having direct content with a specialist content team to help in creating the ads across the different markets (even in a multitude of languages) as well as allowing you to advertise in an unlimited number of regions and cities. The platform also gives you the opportunity to remove and create new bids throughout the duration of your campaign- which is perfect for if you want to test your possibilities in new and previously uncharted markets. However, unlike GoogleAds the Sourcie campaign management requires that your campaign is running for a minimum of one month: after this period, it is possible to make changes or stop, but you are committed for a minimum of that period. 

In addition, you get the bonus of having a highly-experienced campaign analyst, who can help you find ways to improve your campaign and maximise its utility.

How does bidding work?


The model Sourcie Campaign Manager uses can be either CPA or CPC. You also get the perks of being able to adjust the majority of your campaign at any time throughout the campaign as well as being able to adjust the bids to position your company higher than competitors. 

However, Sourcie has a minimum amount you can bid. It is important to note that this does come with the guarantee of being listed as a verified partner which increases your visibility. 


GoogleAds provides the benefit of not having a minimum bid. While this makes the campaign management more accessible, it does mean that if your bid is too low it is likely that your ad won’t be so visible. You also get the option of setting up automated bids and don’t need a minimum budget. However, GoogleAds only uses a CPC model. It is possible to add CPA optimisation, however it is not as easy to integrate as with Sourcie.

How do I target the right people and places?


Among the benefits that come with GoogleAds, the ability to target by specific keyword and the ability to retarget visitors are some of the most notable. Targeting by specific keywords allows you to target a city or country more easily as well as attracting your business’ target audience.

There is also the possibility to add affinity, in-market, customer match and similar audiences to your campaign when targeting audiences (see glossary for definitions). 


The Sourcie campaign manager has the option to target by city, country or even working category (e.g. delivery or freelance). It is also possible to filter out all those who are not a match to your offers: using tools such as Sourcie and their unique Power Filter. While there are less general options for filtering and targeting your audience, Sourcie gives you the chance to tailor the recruitment resources to your needs.

What else is important to consider?


Sourcie campaign manager helps increase brand awareness as your offer is not only posted online, it is also promoted through other channels such as social media and their member newsletters. 


It is good to note that with GoogleAds, you will only reach those who are looking for something specific. It is unlikely that people who are not looking specifically for a job in your industry will find your platform (GoogleAds require users to use the search function to get access to campaigns).

When deciding on the right campaign manager, it is important to evaluate the needs not only of your company in the present but how you see the future of your company. While you can find out what suits you best through trial and error, we hope this helps in understanding some of the key differences in campaign management tools.

Glossary of Terms:

Affinity: This term refers to the reaching of users based on their hobbies, pursuits and interests. 

Detailed Demographics: The reaching of users based on demographic data. It focuses on the long-term data points, but in an acute level of detail. 

In-Market: Reaching users based on their recent purchasing and purchase intent.

Customer Match: Reaching existing customers based on CRM data.

Similar Audiences: Reach new users that have similar interests/search patterns to your existing market base.

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