Growing your business with the gig economy

Beth Furness
December 9, 2020

The gig-economy. Those words have caused many a debate, especially over the last decade. With its ever-increasing popularity and boundless opportunities, how can we use it in helping grow and develop a business? No matter how big or small your business may be, the gig economy can be a best friend to both you and the gig worker.

Specialists at the click of a button.

According to research by Ernst and Young, around 63% of freelancers are in that profession by choice and in 2018, independent workers in the US spent over a billion hours per week freelancing. This means there are many highly-skilled professionals who are just waiting for opportunities to arise that are a perfect match with their expertise. Amidst the technological revolution that is transforming society, many are honing their skills to make sure their work is the creme de la creme, the best of the best. It is a common misconception that the gig economy is a place for low skilled and low-income work: yet statistics prove that there are many highly skilled and specialist workers who are ready to take on your project.

A whole new world of resources.

The traditional methods have become all too automated: Need an employee? - Your post on Indeed or Glassdoor, then you read through many CVs and pray that they are worth the precious time and dollars you invested into the hiring process. Hiring freelancers changes this. It removes the overheads of a well-established company hiring or for a smaller business it allows for the controlled growth of company projects. The algorithms on the gig sites will match best-suited candidates to your postings, therefore removing the extensive traipsing through CV after CV and leaving things to chance. Over 3.4 million people of working age in the US are registered as independent contractors and nearly 50% of millennials participate in the gig economy: why not tap into this resource?

Sparking new inspiration.

In a study that reviewed employment of freelancers, it has been suggested that 56% of freelancers bring in skills that are outside the boundaries of the current workforce and 50% of the hiring companies stating that gig workers have helped their environment overcome resistance to change. It is so easy for a workplace to get stuck in a rut, and by injecting a new source of inspiration, it can so easily change the outlook and success of a company: it truly is the future of work.

Independently together.

Scaling is hard, especially when trying to cross over state or even country boundaries. It requires setting up a whole new core management team, which means extortionate costs. What if you could remotely hire and keep tabs on workers across different state lines? This is the future of business: the gig economy allows you to micro-manage and have teams in several locations minus physical presence in each place, thereby giving the opportunity to test the water without having to dive headfirst.

Using a platform such as Sourcie allows companies to be matched with their perfect employees, much like a dating website. Boost business and branch out, all without having to leave your area. At a time when the conception of work has undergone a major shift, it is more crucial than ever to embrace new changes and opportunities that can bring about the sustainable development of your business.

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