COVID-19 is Shaking up the Gig Economy: How can we move forward?

Appjobs Partnership Team
April 2, 2021

COVID-19 is shaking up the gig economy: how can we move forward?

COVID-19 is shaking up the gig economy: how can we move forward?

On Tuesday 5th May, AppJobs GAP in collaboration with the AppJobs Institute hosted a webinardiscussing how we can prepare and move forward in the gig economy in the midst of a pandemic.

The labour market has undergone major changes in the last 10 years, with the latest transformation currently underway. However, the way we work has evolved since then: there are over 1000 different gig platforms today. AppJobs believes this is only the beginning.

It is easiest to consider the impact of COVID-19 as two waves. The first is the impact of the virus itself: the isolation, government policies and job losses. The second wave will be the aftermath of the virus, which will most likely hit harder, with a recession or even depression that follows. While it is important to focus on the first wave, it is vital to prepare for the second wave. This first wave has resulted in many people turning to the gig economy for new opportunities, with AppJobs adding over 120,000 new members in March alone.  

What solutions does AppJobs have?

As the gig economy continues to grow, this raises several questions on how we can contribute to the growth and stability of the gig economy. It is important to figure out what innovation and policies are needed as well as the initiatives that need to be taken and most importantly, what you can do to shape the gig economy.

Companies like AppJobs will need to get creative and find innovative solutions to help all actors. Some of the ideas that AppJobs have created include a resource centre as well as a meta profile (to be officially released in the coming weeks). As for how we plan to help partners, SOURCIE and a Power Filter to help partners make the most of the new talent.

What is SOURCIE?

SOURCIE helps partners with the acquisition process: from finding the candidates to the time they start on the job. SOURCIE helps with all the steps in the recruitment process, to save time and financial resources.

What is the Power Filter?

The Power Filter is a tool that partners can use to help filter out and find the perfect candidates for them. By submitting information about what would constitute their perfect candidate, this tool can filter out candidates that do not fit this profile, to help the company only receive the best applicants for the job.

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