2020: The Year of Growth For Sourcie

Sean Dougherty
April 2, 2021

Spurred on by the global pandemic, the team at Sourcie saw a huge growth in the volume of new gig workers in 2020. While we were pleased to have such an oversupply of talent, it became apparent quite quickly that our challenge this year would be to help clients filter through them all and ensure they were verified.

Over the past year alone, we have seen a 141 percent growth in our total members, and we serve 3,695 cities in 40 countries around the world. That’s an increase of around 1,000 percent  and 21 percent , respectively. 

Sourcie has also seen an increase in client partners and the categories we serve. We now work with more than 1600 partners across 24 different categories. 

In order to provide the best possible service to our partners looking to access our ever increasing stable of gig workers, we needed to develop new tools and technologies. These new features included ID Verification, Power Filter and Sourcie Campaign Manager

With the identification and filter features, we are able to ensure that only qualified candidates finish the acquisition funnel. Additionally, our systems ensure candidates are eligible for the gig work they are seeking and have legal work authorization for the region they are applying in. 

Meanwhile, with our enhanced campaign manager, we helped our clients reduce their acquisition cost when attracting workers on the AppJobs platform. In the United States, we were able to reduce the average cost-per-click by 19 percent compared to 2019. 

While these tools helped Sourcie to realize huge growth milestones in 2020, they represent our commitment to our partners. After all, it is by listening to their needs that we were able to design and develop these tools with an amazing team of creative specialists and skilled developers. 

We look forward to the new challenges and growth opportunities that await us in 2021. 

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