Zapier Integration

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and click “Make a Zap” 
  2. Add a webhook trigger
    • In your Zap, click 1. When This Happens.
    • Search for and select Webhooks by Zapier.
    • Click the Choose Trigger Event dropdown menu and select Catch hook
    • Click Continue
  3. Copy Custom Webhook URL.
  4. Login to Sourcie and navigate to the funnel from which you want to get data. Inside the funnel click the Data Export button.
  5. Turn on Zapier integration. Paste the webhook URL that you copied from Zapier.
  6. Click the “Test it” button. You should get Success Message:
  7. Back in Zapier, click Continue below your webhook URL, then click “Test trigger”. If your hook is found, the step will show it was successful and you can see the data received.
    Zapier will split out each field from your webhook data so you can then select email addresses, names, project info, and much more in your Zapier action steps.